What Happened To This Tower?

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Thanks Bonnie From Rochester!

Bonnie from Rochester-  “Every person from Fitch who was here between last week and yesterday can be commended for their professionalism and superb skill. I was amazed that your crew worked straight through from the time they arrived until they left, with no breaks. We are relieved not to have air gaps any longer in the skylights, and not to have to worry about bees or rain getting through. So thanks to everyone for keeping the natural elements outside where they belong and giving us the best that Velux has to offer, Sincerely Bonnie”

I Like My Yellow Helmet.

I was out with some friends the other day and they were talking about how ridicules this fifteen year old boy looked with his big yellow bike helmet on. To which I replied he may look ridicules but the helmet serves a purpose, if he were to be hit by a car there’s something that will save him from brain damage, or death. Helmets are inexpensive and take very little time to put on on, probably no more than two seconds. Somehow that tangent ended up talking about safety. Where I recalled a story about a 37 year old man who fell 47 stories , 500 feet, from a scaffold collapse with his brother. His brother was working on that same scaffold with him, and was pronounced dead at the scene. Luckily they say the way the scaffold fell protected him from the full impact of gravity. So some luck, physics, 24 units of blood and 9 orthopedic surgeries later he is looking at being able to walk again. Amazing that if that man and his brother only followed safety procedure and fastened themselves to the building they would both be alive and functioning. I encourage anyone in construction industries, window washing, or riding a bike up the street, to learn from their mistake and follow safety procedure. Looking cool, or being lazy isn’t worth your life. – Stephanie Sanzotta

Dry wall wet? This could be the problem.

Did you know that if you have a leaking skylight and your drywall is wet, it is most likely a flashing problem? Without properly installed flashing your home is at risk. What is flashing you ask? I’m not Bob the builder I don’t know what that is. Put it in plain English buddy! Flashing is a protective layer on your roof around your skylight designed to keep your home from being spotted on satellite as the new found great lake. Flashing kits are differant from roof to roof find one that works for yours.  And to solve the problem from before it starts contact a professional who knows all about flashing. Not some Joe Schmoe who thinks the world is flat, the sun revolves around us and sealants are the solution.