For years I knew the name of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa, and knew what it looked like, and where it was. I never knew why the leaning tower was leaning so I finally Googled it. According to Wikipedia and other sources the Leaning Tower Of Pisa, supposed to be a free standing bell tower for the cathedral of Pisa. When construction started the foundation was on unstable sub-soil, if construction had pursued the tower most certainly would have fallen down. Construction came to a complete stop, for around hundred years due to Pisa being at war with city states of the Republic. Therefore the soil settled naturally. It took three or four architects and century’s to build this tower starting in 1173, and the last bell was added in 1655. Wars, in Pisa were the main distraction of construction. Other random facts there are seven bells in the Tower one for each note in the major scale, and the Germans used it in WWII as an observation post. I’m glad to know the meaning behind the leaning, Pisa architects quite possible gave inspiration to Hasbro Playskool’s Weebles. – Stephanie Sanzotta